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Services & Pricing

Here is how we can help you get your business

to the next level. 

Services We Offer

Listing Management

A tailored support solution that makes the listing to contract process, easy, compliant and worry free.

From all the paperwork needed by the office to the coordination of services and data entry, be sure to check our scope of work for additional information.

Contract Management

A liaison between all parties involved in the transaction, ensuring a smooth and efficient closing.

From creating an organized timeline of important dates and a detailed action plan, to providing a consistent, quality-controlled system, be sure to review below.



Listing Management

From paperwork to office compliance, we got you covered. Check our downloadable flyer below to see a complete description on listing management. 

Price upon request

Contract Management

The cost of services for our contract management options are based on the type and price point of the transaction. 

Check our downloadable flyer below, for additional information. 

Starting at $399 

Click the icon below to download our detailed flyer. 

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